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openSUSE Asia Summit 2017 - Tokyo, Japan

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openSUSE Asia Summit 2017

Ever heard openSUSE Asia Summit? Well, it's an event for openSUSE user and contributor in Asia. If you dont' know what openSUSE is, openSUSE is a GNU/Linux distribution, it's free means you are free to use, modify, redistribute, contribute and anything. Still have no clue? It's okay for you young man, openSUSE mostly used by elder people, ancient society, people who already retired because its simplicity and easiness in term of usability. You don't need to understand command line just to install an application like Arch does.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2017 already held in University of Electro-Communication, Chofu, Tokyo - Japan on 20 - 22 October 2017. It was great event with awesome people in one place. Me, as a youth who loves to help senior community, I tell a story about managing volunteer in previous openSUSE Asia Summit, you can check my proposal here or full schedule here.

The most exciting part of this summit is Tokyo itself, I never dream about it but it was awesome chance and experience to visit the most crowded pedestrian city in the world, and I love the public transport system.

Back to the event, they have welcome party at 20 October 2017 evening, but unfortunately I can't make it because I arrived to Haneda International Airport at midnight, and also got lost in Fuchu finding my hotel at early morning with 10°C outside.

The main event was held on 21 October 2017, it was rainy day with strong wind. Takeyama open the summit and welcome us with opening speech, Welcome to openSUSE Asia Summit 2017!

Takeyama Opening Speech

The most challenging thing in Tokyo is finding HALAL food, Halal is islamic dietary laws which forbid us as muslim to eat pork and any substance from pig, any carnivore animal, alcohol and any substance of it, and any animal which is slaughtered not following Islamic Sharia law. The first choice is to find halal restaurant which recommended by Islamic Community in Japan. So we went to Surabaya, an Indonesian restaurant in Parco building Chofu. Thousands kilometer away and we just have lunch at Indonesian restaurant. 😂


SuraBaya Indonesian Style Chicken Curry

We ended 1st day with Social Party, mostly dinner with beer and wine and I just drank water and Apple Juice.


The most interesting in Social Party is, there are some individual sponsor who are willing to contribute to this summit with their own desire. We appreciate them so much!

Angel Sponsors

My talk was in 2nd day of summit, I talked about how we manage our volunteer for openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was interesting topic because we managed 42 volunteers to help almost 500 participants. It was nostalgic slide for Takeyama, Hatori, Dhenandi, Estu and people who also attend openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 in Yogyakarta.

Me, in action

I also give people who participate in my talks a GNOME cap and GNOME Indonesia T-Shirt. Andreas is one of people who discuss about my talk and he deserve a T-Shirt!

Me, with Andreas


We ended 2nd day of summit with worries because a typhoon heading to Tokyo at midnight, so we are packed and heading to hotel as soon as possible after dinner at SuraBaya (again) and met up with Andreas Farber.


What I love in summit is



And the most lovely talk is from M. Edwin Zakaria with How to Encourage Community because mostly I love being in community and grow with them, he told us how community in Indonesia growing and contributing to various FOSS project. You can view his slide here.


The event is not ended here, we have city tour on 3rd day, visited Hinode Pier, a Temple in the middle of town, Tokyo SkyTree, and Akihabara.

Next year is Taiwan! or Chongqing?.

Max Huang Proposing openSUSE Asia Summit 2018 in Taiwan

Thank you openSUSE, and all Sponsors to make this summit happens every year.


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